laivindie (laivindie) wrote,

I want to welcome our new LiveJournalist fialleril
She comes from WotR where you can know her as Eruanna :)

and then little quiz tagged from witchsbeauty

What Emotion do you represent? (for guys and girls, w\ anime pics)

You are Lonliness/Depression!You feel as if no one knows you exsist, and are very shy. You feel extremly misunderstood, even by loved ones sometimes. You don't really have friends, just the few ocassionaly people you talk to once and a while. You are sad most of the time, and focous on studies and regular stuff. The reason for this is probably that you dont have much self confidence. If you open up to more people, and give yourself a chance, you might actually be surprised!Your element is: WaterThe Phrase/Word that describes you best is: "No one understands me..."
Take this quiz!

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