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So long time since I have been here with you! I missed you very much again. I wish to the day have more then 24 hours!!! I am so busy...
Every day I am at school till 3pm then I am nearly flying at home to get some simple quick food then I must learn or sometimes I have to go for my sister. And in the evening I always go to my boyfriend where I stay long time. I must change it...
But still there is one thing to be happy-my new


I took a scissors,
My hair fell on the floor.
Without your caress
I don’t need them anymore.

I took a knife,
Last tear fell on the floor.
I stroke blind my eyes
Cause I don’t need them anymore.

I took a fire,
You left me, closed the door.
I burned my hands
I don’t need them anymore.

I stood upon the edge of a bridge,
I thought I would fly,
But you cut my wings
I am going to die.

Firstly I must say that it is very sad or better to say grim-may be. I wrote it on my knee in the bus (and so it is a little simple) when I had terrible blues because couple of hours before I had argued with my boyfriend. And so I think now you could understand my inspiration ;)
But still there is a light in the deepest darkness :D This is my first poem without any mistake! I always send every my poem to my friend Catherine to England who correct it but this time-no need to correct!

I am sorry that I don't comment your posts...I feel terribly for that! :(
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